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Water Solutions

Welcome to the SpiralData platform

Our AI-Products

TransientDetect Beta

High-speed transient pressure waves in pipes cause fatigue, cracks, and breaks, leading to reduced asset life, expensive maintenance, and downtime. TransientDetect can reliably identify these transients with over 97% accuracy and use artificial intelligence for rapid field investigation, resulting in a more stable network.

SmartWater Alpha

Water regulators can use the artificial intelligence in SmartWater to accurately predict water demand, identify defects in non-urban water meters, promote compliance behavior among commercial irrigators and farmers, and improve on-farm productivity for a thriving water economy.

AlarmBoost Alpha

Gravity sewer alarms often produce a large number of false positives, resulting in an ineffective, reactive workforce. GravityBoost, an AI-powered technology embedded in SCADA, proactively monitors the gravity sewer network and identifies issues, allowing operators to optimise their resources, respond more efficiently, and avoid violations.

VacSight Beta

Vacuum sewer systems require maintenance to operate effectively and efficiently. The VacSight solution enables the pinpointing of rainfall ingress, proactive optimisation of valve settings, and non-destructive testing of valves, leading to reduced operational costs and risks, improved efficiency, and better quality assurance.

Our Platform

IoT-to-AI Platform

A unified, secure, and governed platform is available for Data Science individuals and teams to personalize and meet their needs, while following best practices. The IoT-to-AI platform is a full MLOps solution, and it is written as infrastructure-as-code for quick, secure, and scalable deployment to speed up problem-solving using AIML. This platform has been proven successful across SA Water, Department for Environment and Water, Alexandrina Wastewater and more.

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