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Are your organisation’s data science efforts challenged by tooling, scalability, collaboration and the productionising of solutions?

SpiralData treats data science as a creative endeavour that requires scientific, mathematical and statistical discipline supported by a battle-hardened platform.

IOT Platform

Securely ingest data from anywhere, in any format, at any velocity or volume, and route messages without managing infrastructure.

Tools & Platforms

AWS IoT Core, AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, AWS Transfer Family, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon SQS

Data Lake & Big Data

Secure, versatile and governed using native ‘serverless’ managed services in AWS. It will handle extreme scale and comprehensively delivers performance across all aspects of a data platform.

Tools & Platforms

AWS Data lake, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, Apache Spark, AWS S3, DynamoDB, AWS CloudFormation

AIML Workbench

We support our data science and machine learning teams to find and deliver business value. SpiralData enshrines best practice with our AI PaaS that has been utilised to deliver complex AI projects in water utilities and defence.

Our solution on AWS using SageMaker delivers a unified and governed platform that is self-serve and can be personalised to meet the needs of data scientists’ with different levels of experience and backgrounds. This helps attract and retain high calibre staff in a competitive market.


  • Infrastructure-as-a-code reducing setup time with base templates
  • Multiple instances per data scientist (if required)
  • Data scientist can personalise any library, package or toolset
  • Hybrid work environment
  • Controlled collaboration
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reduce time to value

Analytics & Visualisations

Flexible, scalable and secure user interface that enables front-end customisation with AI model inference via API to embed data science into the decision making of your user base.

Tools & Platforms

AWS OpenSearch, AWS RDS, AWS S3, Amazon ECS + Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Plotly-express, GrafanaDatashader, Power BI, AWS CloudFormation

Monitoring & Security

Governance and administration includes deep security layers, granular monitoring of cost, performance and compliance.

Tools & Platforms

AWS Control Tower, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config, AWS SSO, AWS IAM, AWS Cognito, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation


10-70% Efficency Gains

20-40% Cost Savings

Decisions in Seconds, not Weeks

Do you need a battle-hardened Artificial Intelligence Platform as a Service (AI PaaS) to create decision advantage in your organisation?

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