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Predict pump wear using machine learning

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Smart organisations leverage artificial intelligence and big data to minimise risk, unlock efficiency and transform their operations. We'll show you how.

Optimise sewer utilities using algorithms

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Smart organisations leverage artificial intelligence and big data to minimise risk, unlock efficiency and transform their operations. We'll show you how.

Identify weld defects in real time using computer vision

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Smart organisations leverage artificial intelligence and big data to minimise risk, unlock efficiency and transform their operations. We'll show you how.

Artificial intelligence for quality control in defence manufacturing

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Smart organisations leverage artificial intelligence and big data to minimise risk, unlock efficiency and transform their operations. We'll show you how.

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We transform data into intelligence

The value of data lies not in the data itself, but in the decisions that it shapes. By effectively harnessing our expertise in Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, we are able to provide valuable insights into complex problems to empower stakeholders and create your decision advantage.

Tailored Design

Our co-design process enables us to clarify your vision and design fit-for-purpose solutions. Our approach is fast, iterative and agile, tailoring the solution to support the decisions your stakeholders need to make.

IOT-to-AI Platform

Our platform ingests data from diverse sources at scale and includes an artificial intelligence workbench for rapid algorithm selection, training and deployment. Its visualised output gives your team at-a-glance insights to enhance decision making.

Decisions in seconds, not weeks

Our solutions are renowned for their high speed inference: on average between 8 and 20 seconds to decrease your decision-making latency. Every day we inch a step closer to real-time predictions.

Superb Service

All projects are supported by mature project management, reporting and risk mitigation processes. And because our solutions are designed, built and supported by the same people, you get project continuity from beginning to end.

Our Technology
Step 1 - Discovery

Our Process


You have a large complex problem that has a compelling business case but you don’t know how to solve it with artificial intelligence?

During our co-scoping we will:
• Run user workshops exploring the vision and problem
• Define and de-risk data inputs
• Do data discovery to give strong proof deliverables are feasible

Step 2 - Co-design

Our Process


You have domain knowledge of a large complex problem but are unsure how to apply artificial intelligence?

During co-scoping we will:
• Run user workshops on problem definition and future thinking
• Review technical requirements for the conceptual solution
• Develop wireframes of the future AI solution

Step 3 - Build

Our Process


You have a clearly defined problem, a vision of the future and data inputs ready for artificial intelligence but need AI-expertise?

During the build we will:
• Design and implement your IoT-to-AI architecture
• Integrate data inputs
• Build iterative AI models to improve accuracy and latency

Step 4 - Test, Release & Support

Our Process

Test, Release & support

We have worked with you to achieve the goals of an artificial intelligence project that delivers a significant return on investment.

During production we offer:
• Data Science as a Service
• AI Algorithms as a Product
• Fully Managed Solutions
• In-house Support Desk

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Measurable Returns

While every situation is different, our clients typically see the following returns as a result of working with us:

10-70% Efficiency Gains

20-40% Cost Savings

Decisions in Seconds, not Weeks

Our Work

Extend Pipe Asset Life by Identifying the Cause of Pressure Transients
Machine Learning
SA Water uses machine learning to uncover root-cause(s) of pressure transients for a calm water network
Pressure transients Water Hammer Water Utility Pipe Fatigue
Using Telemetry and Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate Water Management, Intelligence & the Water Economy
There are +12,000 meters, of various makes and models, across South Australia. As part of this challenge, DEW Water Licensing Branch was seeking to demonstrate
Internet of Things non-urban water meters water usage water resource management
Valve integrity testing using internet-of-things (IoT) and machine learning (ML)
Water Utility
Alexandrina Council is located on the Coorong, Lower Lakes, and Murray Mouth region. It is an environmentally significant area designated as a Wetland
Valve Testing Isolation Valves Industry 4.0 Machine Learning
Transient Detection in Water Networks using Machine Learning
asset fatigue
The complexity of a water pipe network can be compared to that of arteries, veins and capillaries in the human body. In recent years there has been increasing
reduce main breaks distributed water systems data science big data
Vacuum Sewer Rainfall Ingress and Valve Optimisation
In 2021, Alexandrina Council’s Water Department set an aspiration to become the smartest regional wastewater utility in Australia built on the back of
100% Accuracy to Detect Rainfall Ingress +20% Efficiency Improvement Vacuum Sewer Optimisation
Dynamic Planning Model for Processing Sustainable Seafood
Clean Seas grow their Hiramasa Kingfish from egg to hatchling to adult in the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf, South Australia. Once the fish have reached
Planning Analytics 75% Reduction in Planning Effort Jedox
Predictive Maintenance for a Water Reuse Utility
“While we have mature monitoring capability through our SCADA system - it cannot predict pump wear. We were keen to see if the operational data managed
Predictive Maintenance Pump Wear Prediction Machine Learning Water Utility
Machine Learning for Utility Networks
There has never been a more critical time in the water sector, as the industry faces challenges across climate, urbanisation and economics. While current
Choke Prediction IoT-to-AI Reference Architecture Machine Learning Water Utility
Analytics for Sustainable Seafood
Clean Seas Seafood Ltd (ASX:CSS) is the global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Yellowtail Kingfish. With a goal of providing the
Planning Analytics Real-time Jedox
Data Strategy at Alexandrina Council
Alexandrina Council services more than 7000 customers and treats 700ML of wastewater across 5 townships in regional Australia. It is a highly complex operational
Data Strategy IoT-to-AI Reference Architecture Water Utility
Custom AI Software
If you’re a telecommunications Business Development Manager (BDM), trying to quickly find good quality leads, it is hard work. BDMs spend up to 50% of
Artifical Intelligence IoT-to-AI Reference Architecture Custom Software
Internet of Things at Alexandrina Council
Alexandrina Council has the 3rd largest wastewater network in South Australia. The wastewater utility is responsible for connecting, treating, storing
Artifical Intelligence Strategy Internet of Things Water Utility
Reporting, Analytics and Planning Solution
RAMCAR is involved in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail and the recycling of lead acid batteries. It faces challenges due to its multiple
253 Days Recovered Annually 150% ROI in year
Data Strategy in Supply Chain
RAMCAR is a multi-national lead acid battery business with a competitive market share. Its senior leaders weren’t getting critical reports quickly or efficiently
Data Strategy Stakeholder Alignment Capability Map
Smart Networking at Flinders University
"Our first Icebreaker in 2016 brought over a thousand people together in an event that delivered an estimated $2.9 million in forward value for South Australia,"
Artifical Intelligence IoT-to-AI Reference Architecture Machine Learning
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