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Case Study

Data Strategy

How SpiralData created a roadmap to data dynamism for a multinational battery powerhouse.

The Challenge

How to make data the driving force to achieve our strategic aims?

RAMCAR is a multi-national lead acid battery business with a competitive market share. Its senior leaders weren’t getting critical reports quickly or efficiently enough. Time spent on manual reporting was time not spent on more valuable analytical work. Director of Finance, Matt Palmer knew there are many tools to improve the situation, but didn’t know where to start in choosing the right one.

“We needed an expert to guide us, look at the problems and work out the requirements for improving the way we use our data,” he explains.

RAMCAR asked SpiralData to develop a strategy to make data the driving force for meeting their strategic aims.


The Results

A data roadmap that everyone understands

The data strategy and business requirements report created by SpiralData gave RAMCAR clear insight into where the issues lie, what’s needed to improve them, and helped senior leaders prioritise what to do to achieve their aims.

Director of Finance, Matt Palmer, found SpiralData’s approach not only confirmed the business’ suspicions, but uncovered issues he hadn’t realised existed.

“The work was logical, well written and jargon free, so business people could clearly understand the problem and solutions,” Matt says.

“SpiralData did a terrific job, were flexible in meeting our needs, and we’re very satisfied with what they’ve delivered so far. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

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