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Going carbon neutral: how technology can help with more sustainable business practices

SpiralData has joined Carbon Neutral Adelaide, reducing its own carbon footprint and working with customers to optimise operations for a more sustainable future

Over the last decade, organisations around the world are increasingly adopting sustainable practices in face of increased awareness and new regulations addressing the effects of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. These practices not only protect the environment, but help businesses save resources, improve their reputation and increase productivity — facilitated by technologies such as data analytics and automation.

Energy efficiency and reduced waste and water use are some of the practical applications of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, a program that aims for the City of Adelaide to become one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities. SpiralData has joined the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program, promoting awareness and excellence in reducing its own carbon footprint. The company also works with its clients to optimise operations for a more sustainable future.

A number of actions have been implemented by SpiralData to lower their carbon footprint. These include prioritising working-from-home arrangements, minimising transport emissions and being a paperless organisation since its foundation. SpiralData also benefits from the renewable energy generation at the Tonsley Innovation District, which helps to offset their energy consumption.

“SpiralData has pledged a long-term commitment to make its data analytics operations carbon neutral for the benefit of our incredible region and the people who live here”, says Kale Needham, CEO of SpiralData. “In addition, by being a paperless and cloud-based organisation, all of SpiralData’s internal and customer data analytics applications benefit from improved resource utilisation and energy efficiency”.

The company provides data analytics and machine learning services to different industries, such as utility sectors, supply chain and automation, food processing and construction. SpiralData assists these businesses to identify efficiency opportunities and optimise operations, which in return reduces their costs and carbon emissions.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Program recognises its partners for embracing the carbon reduction advantages of technological change, sustainable business practices and high-performance work environments. South Australia has led the way as the first Australian state to legislate targets for the reduction of carbon emissions and for Adelaide to become carbon neutral, which means having no net impact on the amount of operational greenhouse gases that are released into the earth’s atmosphere.

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