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High Speed Transient Detection

Watch our explainer video on transient detection - SpiralData has the most powerful AI platform for complex water challenges.

Why should you solve transients in your water utility?

  1. High-speed pressure transients are going undetected
  2. Typical pressure data is collected at 5 min intervals
  3. At 128 times per second, SA Water found >20k high-speed pressure transients in Adelaide CBD in a single month
  4. High speed pressure transients accumulate fatigue
  5. Fatigue leads to cracks and eventually breaks
  6. Transients result in reduced asset life and costly, reactive operations
  7. Identify transients to >97% accuracy with big data and machine learning
  8. Group transients by similarity to identify root-cause
  9. Significantly reduce capex and opex
  10. Calm your network

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Need to detect high speed pressure transients in your water network?

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